American visa renewal in the United States: How is the process?

Are you looking to renew your visa in the United States? Here you will find all the steps you must follow to renew your tourist, visitor or student visa in the United States. Likewise, you will find the requirements and steps you must follow to complete this process.

Who is eligible for american visa renewal?

Anyone who has a valid visa; Whether you are a tourist, visitor or student, you are eligible to renew it. It does not matter the country of origin or the reason for which the renewal is requested; It is enough that you have a valid passport and your visa in order.

What are the requirements for american visa renewal?

To renew your visa in the United States, you must meet the following requirements:

– Have a valid passport

– Your visa in order (not expired)

– Have a minimum stay of six months in the country

– Not have a conviction for crimes

– Not have deportations

– Pay the fee corresponding to the american visa renewal process

What is the process for american visa renewal?

The process to renew your visa in the United States is relatively simple:

– Complete form DS-160

– Go to any US consular office with your passport and form DS-160 to renew your visa in the United States

– Pay the visa renewal fee (this is a part of the total cost that includes the process)

In less than two weeks, you will receive instructions by email on how to proceed with the process. Do not forget to print them and take them with you to the US consular office where you started the process. You must appear in person before the Consulate officials to continue with the procedure.

Tips for the interview with the consular officer

During the interview with the consular officer, he or she may ask you about your work and family situation, as well as your travel and accommodation plans. It is important that you are prepared to answer these questions; Remember that the consular officer will need to renew your visa if you meet the requirements indicated above.

– Do not forget to bring the necessary documentation to renew your visa: passport and form DS-160 (the latter printed)

– Maintain a respectful and cooperative attitude during the interview; the consular officer is your ally in this process

– If you have any doubts, ask an expert lawyer before going to the interview.

Can you do the procedure outside the United States?

If you reside abroad but have a valid visa to renew, you can complete the american visa renewal process at any US consulate in the country you are in. If you reside in the United States and want to renew your visa, you must go to the consular office that corresponds to you according to your address.

What is the cost of the procedure?

To renew your visa in the United States, the total cost of the procedure will be 160 dollars. This price does not include additional costs to carry out translations or pay for the online application to electronic means such as PayPal.

What happens if your american visa renewal is denied?

If your renewal is declined for any reason, you will receive an email stating the causes and providing advice on how to remedy them. If your visa renewal is denied a second time, you could be deported from the country. Therefore, it is important that you have all the correct information about the process and legal advice from an expert immigration attorney.

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