American Visa Renewal
What do you need to know?

How long do you have to wait to renew your American visa? It depends on the requirements and procedures. Next, we are going to tell you all the details about the renewal of the American visa.

When is the renewal of the American visa necessary?

Visa renewal is required when your previous visa has expired. When the date on a person’s passport is about to expire, then they have to renew it as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and trouble with the American authorities.

If you are renewing a tourist visa, then the deadline to renew it is six months before your passport expires and four months after its expiration. However, if you have a business visa, then the visa renewal is a bit different.

Since the time to renew it depends on the type of visa or permit, as well as the requirements and procedures to be followed, we will clearly explain all the details about visa renewal.

American visa renewal: steps to follow

Before renewing your passport, you have to understand precisely what are the necessary steps that you have to take. Visa renewal is a very important and long process; therefore, you cannot make impulsive or premature decisions without knowing the details about visa renewal.

First of all, you have to present all the necessary information in your visa renewal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE). All this documentation must be presented with a copy of the passport which must be current; And if there is an error in your American visa renewal, then you can request help through the official channels.

What are the documents that you need to present?

Before doing your American visa renewal, you have to fill out a visa renewal form and then send it to the Ministry. In addition, you also have to present the following documents for renewal of the American visa:

– Proof of current immigration status

– Copy of valid passport and a recent photograph

– Credential to vote (if you are a citizen)

What are the costs and terms to renew your American visa?

When renewing your visa, it is necessary to pay a certain amount, therefore, the American visa can only be renewed well in advance, otherwise you will notify the Ministry that you did not obtain the new document on time.

The cost of the visa renewal is $ 700 per person and $ 300 if you have a foreign visa renewal.

Can you renew your visa abroad?

You can renew your visa if you are outside the country, but you always have to notify the Ministry, or your American visa will not be renewed.

If you have a short period until your renewal and cannot contact the MRE, then you can renew your visa online. It is not necessary to travel to renew the American visa in this case.

With this article on the renewal of your visa, we hope we have clarified all the details related to the renewal of visa for foreigners. We will help you renew your visa and guide you through the entire renewal process, from the beginning to the end. Don’t wait any longer and contact us at (909)319-7103 / 1 (800) 559-7170, visit us at 228 West C Street Ontario CA 91762 or contact us by clicking here.

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