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Do you have a criminal record and are looking to clear your record? Have you heard that clearing criminal records in California, United States is possible? If you are looking to clean up your criminal records to start a clean new life, you will have to follow a few rules. In this article, we give you all the information you need to know.

What does clearing a criminal record consist of?

It consists of the annulment or elimination of any criminal record that a person may have in the United States. This could be very positive for that person’s life as it removes any obstacles they may be having in their personal and professional life. For example, clearing records could be beneficial for those individuals who want to work as police officers and do not want to have a criminal record.

Clearing criminal records in California: things you need to know

While cleaning criminal records in California may be an option for people who are looking to clean their criminal records, it is important to know what needs to be done and how to clean them effectively.

First, clearing records for a misdemeanor is not necessarily easy and may take longer than clearing criminal records for a felony.

Second, cleaning criminal records in California is possible but it does not remove all the records from your past. For example, if you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the attorney will not delete this record.

Third, clearing your criminal record may be easier if you approach an attorney to help you clear your record.

Fourth, clearing a criminal record can be easier if you don’t have any kind of criminal record. While cleaning them for a misdemeanor takes time and is difficult, cleaning them for a felony can be even more difficult. For example, cleaning criminal records of scams or fraud will take a long time as there are several stages you must go through.

Benefits of clearing a criminal record

Clearing records in California is possible and can benefit most people who clear their criminal records. First of all, cleaning criminal records in California will make you feel more secure because you will be able to count on clean identification and this can be beneficial for individuals who want to move to another country.

Second, cleaning criminal records means that you will not have any obstacles when applying for a job.

Who qualifies to clear a criminal record?

To request a criminal record clearance, certain conditions must be met. Some requirements are as follows:

-The convicted person was under 18 years of age when he committed the crime.

-The crime is not considered serious by law.

-It has been a long time since the crime was committed.

-It is the only crime for which the person has been convicted.

-The defendant successfully complied with his probation and the judge’s orders.

-The defendant does not currently weigh new charges for another crime.

Steps to request a criminal record clean in California

Applying to clear or expunge a criminal record in California requires several steps. To do this, you will need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The steps are the following:

-Meet with an experienced criminal attorney to find out if you are eligible for this type of relief.

-The lawyer must study your case in light of current law.

-Gather and present all the documents necessary to make the request within the time limits established by law. For example, provide the request to the Prosecutor’s Office well in advance (do so at least 15 days before the hearing takes place).

-Attend your legal representative to the hearing in the designated court.

-When the hearing is over, the judge will issue a resolution recommending or not clearing your criminal record.

-The Prosecutor’s Office must comply with this and clean the criminal records of the applicant within a specified period. For example, 120 days after the hearing to clear the background.

Clearing criminal records in California may be a process that can be difficult to do on your own due to the very complex state law to clean criminal records. Therefore, it is advisable to assist with an expert criminal lawyer in clearing records.

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