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Separation attorney

Are you looking for lawyers for your divorce? You have to know that the separation lawyers in California, United States are specialists in this field. In this article, you will find useful information about a separation attorney and his services.

What is the job of a separation attorney?

Spousal support is the payment that one spouse makes to support the welfare of the other spouse in a divorce. This payment can be in the form of a lump sum, but is commonly paid in periodic installments. The general principle behind spousal support is that divorce should not impoverish any spouse, the purpose of support is to help each spouse maintain the same lifestyle they enjoyed during the marriage.

What types of cases does a separation attorney handle?

  1. Divorce by mutual agreement: divorce by mutual agreement implies that the two people agree to put an end to their marriage. A Regulatory Agreement must be submitted that deals with common property and child custody. In many cases, it is more beneficial to have the support of a separation attorney to help us make the best decision and focus our case in the most appropriate way to avoid future problems.
  2. Contentious divorce: contentious divorce has as its main element the non-agreement between the two people. This means that each one has to present their own lawyer and attorney. This process is usually more complicated and the advice of a good separation lawyer is essential to achieve the expected results, they are longer processes, not being exceptional that it lasts up to 9 months.
  3. Ecclesiastical nullity: ecclesiastical nullity has no civil legal effects, but it is important if you want to remarry. The ecclesiastical court requires that, in order to grant nullity, the obligations of the contracting parties have been breached. This process is usually more time consuming and there is no guarantee that it will be granted. In any case, it is necessary to have a lawyer specialized in this branch of law.

Precautionary measures are important in this type of process. The separation attorneys handle the request and the appeals. Some measures may no longer be necessary over time, such as alimony and compensatory pensions, which a separation attorney can appeal against.

What is the legal process for a separation?

Legal separation is the first step. A judicial procedure is opened and the separation lawyers are basically in charge of complying with the request, from the beginning of the process until its completion. The steps in the legal process of a separation are as follows:

  1. Separation request
  2. Reception of the lawyer of the other party and filing of opposition
  3. Joint proposal for an abbreviated mediation before the judge, if there is no agreement between the two people. The lawyer proposes solutions to the conflict based on the legal interests and best interests of the minor. If there are conflicts over assets or more children that legally depend on both parties, these precautionary measures can be requested during this period:

* Judicial abbreviated proposal

* Abbreviated mediation prior to the trial and the judge’s decision on custody, visitation and minor children. The common goods and compensatory pensions that correspond to each of the parents are also determined. If there is no agreement between both parties, we finally face trial in court.

Why is it important to have a separation attorney?

It is important to have legal professionals by your side if you want to manage your own divorce and make it as solid as possible, avoiding future legal problems. A good separations attorney can provide the help you need to handle solutions meeting your expectations.

Depending on the lawyers who are assigned to your case and the type of divorce in which you are immersed, the precautionary measures or the management of common property could be more difficult without having a lawyer specialized in this field. In any case, we always recommend having divorce professionals who know how to manage your cases effectively and with good results.

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