Are you looking to apply for a family reunification? Do you need to know who can request it and what are the requirements? In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about family reunification applications.

What is the application for family reunification?

The application for family reunification is a procedure that consists of requesting the transfer of the applicant with a certain foreign family to the United States, so that they can meet with them. The family reunification application is most commonly requested by single or dysfunctional parents and their minor children who want to settle in the North American nation.

Who can apply?

Both applicants and their minor children can apply for family reunification. Although to apply for this benefit it is necessary for the applicant to share family ties with a citizen or permanent resident of the United States (as the case may be).

What requirements must be met?

As with many applications, family reunification is not an easy procedure, as it has its own processes and requirements that must be met:

– If requested in the United States: the applicant must be of legal age (minimum 21 years) to obtain their visa, they must be married and independent from their spouse and without serious criminal records or administrative problems.

– If requested through a consulate: obtaining a visa is something that you must request directly at the American embassy or consulate where your family resides. You will have to present yourself with all the necessary documentation to prove your family ties, as well as prove your roots and economic well-being.

What is the process?

– If applying in the United States: the application can be made through a formal petition with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or through the Administrative Service for Immigration and Customs (SAIA). You will have to comply with all the requested documents, as well as prove your roots, it will also be important that you prove your family ties.

– If applying through a consulate: to apply through a consulate, you must gather all the necessary documentation to prove your family ties. In addition, you will have to present yourself to the consulate with your valid passport and blank application.

When can they be requested?

Family visa applications are not usually quick as each country has its own immigration policies; Likewise, depending on the type of relationship that the applicant maintains with foreign members, the visa may be requested in the United States or through a consulate in the country where the relative resides.

To request your family member, you must have all the necessary documentation in force to demonstrate that you meet the requirements demanded by each country and wait for it to be granted. Otherwise, you will have to go back to the corresponding procedure or request the help of an expert lawyer.

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