How to get a Mexican passport in the United States?

How to get a Mexican passport in the United States? It is a question that many Mexican immigrants living in the United States ask themselves. For this reason, in this article we will explain the steps you must follow in order to obtain it without any complications.

Mexican passport in the United States

The Mexican passport is an identity and nationality document with international validity. With it, you can travel to more than 180 countries without the need for a visa; However, obtaining a Mexican passport in the United States is not the same as obtaining a Mexican passport in Mexico.

Here are some ideas to get you started right now to avoid future problems:

– Make sure you have all your documents in order before starting the Mexican passport application process.

– Bring all the necessary documents to the Mexican embassy or consulate in your area.

– Please be patient during the application process. It may take a little longer due to the complexity of the requirements.

– If you have any doubts, contact an experienced lawyer to help you clarify them.

Requirements on how to obtain a Mexican passport in the United States

Prove your Mexican nationality through the following documents:

– Original birth certificate

– Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth

– Letter of naturalization as Mexican

– Consular registration issued after 2006

– Mexican passport issued after 1995 in Mexico

Present your official identification:

– National Military Service Card

– Identity card

– Letter of intern issued by the SEP

– Primary or secondary certificates issued by the SEP

– School certificate

– INAPAM or INSEN credential

– Identification of the Department of Motors and Vehicles

– Permanent or temporary resident card of the United States

– Border crossing card

– ISSSTE, IMSS or ISSFAM credentials with photo

What is the process of how to obtain a Mexican passport in the United States?

The Mexican passport process is done at the Mexican consulate of the United States. In order to attend, you must first make an appointment through MEXITEL’s free dating service. Once your appointment is scheduled, you must contact the Mexican consulate to confirm that you meet all the requirements.

When you approach the Mexican Consulate office, you should take with you:

– Photocopy and original of your official identification as a Spanish passport.

– Photocopy of the original quote made by MEXITEL.

– Original and photograph of the document proving your Mexican nationality such as a birth certificate, military record or consular card (except in cases where a proof of naturalization as Mexican is already issued).

When all your papers are complete, don’t worry if you need to make any additional payments such as consular fees or internal taxes. The Mexican consulate office in the United States will be in charge of communicating the exact amounts that you must pay to complete the process and thus be able to obtain your passport as a Mexican citizen.

Important additional information

– An appointment must be scheduled for each person who wishes to process the Mexican passport.

– You must arrive at the Mexican consulate 15 minutes before your appointment.

– Having an appointment scheduled does not guarantee obtaining a passport. The consulate staff will first verify that your documents meet all the requirements.

– The identification data that you present must faithfully match those of the document you use to prove your nationality.

– Documents with alterations, amendments and / or omissions of any kind will not be accepted. Nor will documents be accepted that do not have official stamps or authorized signature, are not legible and / or show signs that they are false.

Why should you hire an immigration attorney?

– To begin the process of how to obtain a Mexican passport in the United States.

– To assist you throughout the process, providing advice to clarify doubts and avoid errors that could delay it.

– If you want to obtain a passport as a legal or temporary resident alien, they can also help you start this process faster.

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