How to get American citizenship in 2021?

American citizenship is one of the goals most sought after by many people. Certainly, American citizenship implies rights and benefits that are not seen anywhere else in the world. Establishing yourself as an American citizen means having the privilege of voting, participating politically, entering the United States without a foreign visa, and working legally in the country. In this article we give you more details.

How to get American citizenship in 2021?

The process of becoming an American citizen has been carried out by many people, but few have been successful. One of the reasons that not many have been successful is due to large numbers of people wanting to change their status. The other reason that there are few positive results in this field is due to the fact that the process to obtain American citizenship takes time and work, as well as significant monetary costs. Certainly, you need to educate yourself before starting the legal procedures to become a US citizen. Therefore, in this section we will give you more details on some important points:


If you were born outside the United States and have at least one parent or grandparent born in the United States, you are eligible for American citizenship 2021. Citizenship can be granted to anyone between 18-25 years of age if they demonstrate good behavior during the last four (4) years before 2021.

The exact step

To obtain American citizenship, you must first present Form N-400 with all the documents such as: birth certificates, foreign passports and other documents that have not been previously presented and that may be necessary for the process.

Pros and cons

American citizenship 2021 is a very valuable privilege with many economic advantages such as the right to vote in presidential elections and work legally in the country; however, there are some drawbacks as well. You will have to renounce any previous old citizenship to obtain American citizenship in 2021. Due to strict regulations and requirements for this citizenship, many people are not eligible, especially those born in low-income countries.

Actual state

Currently, there are about a million potential Form N-400 applicants listed by the federal government as eligible candidates for American citizenship, so it might be a bit difficult to obtain citizenship but it is the best status you can have in the United States. . Citizenship represents a United States passport and certainly more freedoms.

American citizenship can be obtained with the established years of residence and through marriage (if your spouse is an American citizen). All people who are eligible should know whether they want to keep their original foreign citizenship, renounce it, or combine both.


Certainly, American citizenship 2021 means a lot to some people around the world. Most of the time, people choose only one country in their immigration procedures, but citizenship really means more than that. Citizenship implies many economic advantages, rights and freedoms at the local-national level in the person’s country.

In general, obtaining American citizenship involves going through a lot of legal tests, but if you are in the eligible group, be confident that you will be able to achieve it without problems. Certainly, reaching your goal will take some personal sacrifice such as giving up other rights or even a priori change your place of residence completely.

It is very important to enlist the services of a competent attorney who is authorized to help you achieve your US citizenship in 2021 and not miss a day of the legal process necessary to become a US citizen. If you are ready, you can contact us right now at (909)319-7103 / 1 (800) 559-7170, visit us at 228 West C Street Ontario CA 91762 or contact us by clicking here.

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