How to get citizenship in usa? Explained in 5 steps

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) enforces strict requirements for people seeking US citizenship. Applicants must show that they comply with immigration laws and have good morals.

Citizenship is the main thread that unites Americans. There are certain essential rights and responsibilities that every American citizen has, such as: voting in elections and following state, federal, and local laws.

If you are interested in becoming a US citizen, here is how to get citizenship in usa.

Advantages of obtaining US citizenship

An American citizen can enjoy many rights compared to foreign citizens in the United States. Here are some of these rights:

– Being able to travel through all states without the need for a visa.

– Get a US passport that allows you to travel freely around the world.

– Receive consular assistance anywhere in the world.

– Receive common medical assistance in social security hospitals like any other American.

– Be able to become an active part as a member of the army, navy or air force (if you wish).

– Spend on junk food and medicine without having to pay taxes for it. There is no limit to how much you can buy in a year of free filling meals and medicines from the federal government.

– Be able to access most jobs without restrictions due to your immigration status (if you are still in the process of obtaining citizenship). In general, once you have been elected as a citizen, you can find almost any type of ordinary job to earn a living. Of course you will not be able to enter directly as an army officer or some professions like doctor or lawyer, but you will be able to look for any ordinary job you want.

– Be able to request a business identification card (electronic signature) to verify your identity online. With these digital credentials you can carry out commercial transactions with the federal government such as registering .com / .net / etc. domain names, buying real estate, renewing your passport, issuing bank checks and even applying for loans.

Responsibilities of American Citizens

– Defend and support the United States Constitution

– Be informed of the problems that affect the community

– Defend the State when necessary

– Obey and respect state, federal and local laws

– Paying taxes

– Fulfill military obligations (if eligible)

What are the requirements to obtain US citizenship?

Foreigners can obtain US citizenship through naturalization; however, there are a number of requirements that must be met:

1. Being of legal age

The foreigner who wishes to obtain United States citizenship must be over eighteen years of age. Elderly applicants who are US residents may qualify to apply for US citizenship without having to take the civics test.

2. Legal residence

Foreign nationals seeking US citizenship must be legal residents of the US for at least five consecutive years before they can apply for naturalization. If the applicant has a student visa, they may qualify as a legal resident after starting work. The law also allows aliens such as parents and spouses of legal residents to qualify to become legal residents, after which they may be eligible for naturalization.

3. US Citizenship Test

All applicants for naturalization must pass a US citizenship test. The exam has 100 questions based on the United States civics course material. The questions start with a basic level and progress to more difficult ones. Applicants must obtain 60% correct to pass the exam (70% if they are elderly).

4. Physical presence

The applicant must have been physically present in the US for at least half of the five years prior to applying for naturalization. Physical presence is proven through documents such as passports, visas, and other official records.

5. Good moral character

Applicant must demonstrate good moral character. This is proven by references, negative comments in the immigration file, and other official documents.

6. Respect American customs

The applicant must demonstrate respect for American customs and traditions. This is proven by positive comments in the immigration file, references, and other official documents.

7. English language

The applicant must demonstrate that they are fluent in English as a second language. This is proven by an online exam, study certificate or official exams.

8. Learn about the government and history of the United States

The applicant must demonstrate that as a legal resident they have studied and understood the federal government, US law, the history and institutions of the country, as well as other related subjects. This is proven by positive comments in the immigration file, references and other official documents.

9. Pledge of Allegiance

Finally, the applicant must swear allegiance to the United States and fulfill all obligations as a citizen. This oath is taken before an immigration officer or a judge in the presence of witnesses.

How to apply for naturalization?

You can choose to apply online or on paper. Next, we explain how to get citizenship in usa and do the process in both ways:

File a return online

Start by creating a USCIS online account, then:

– Select as type of filling “Form N-400, Application for Naturalization”

– Choose your language and country to start completing the process. Most questions have default answers but you also have the option to comment on each one.

– When finished, print the form and sign in the corresponding boxes. Then attach all the documentation that supports your request such as affidavits, transcripts, positive comments and other official documents.

– Submit your for