I 245 immigration law, how does it benefit you?

To know the law and 245 immigration law in the United States, it is necessary to understand that it refers to the process by which foreigners can apply for permanent residence and obtain civil rights. If you want to know more about this topic, keep reading this article.

What is the i 245 immigration law?

i 245 immigration law is an executive order that was signed by President Obama in June 2012. This document requires the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to reform i 530 bureaucracy to grant i 245 immigration law. In practice, i 530 is a petition to obtain permanent legal status as residents with civil rights to non-citizens who already have minor children born in the United States.

How can this law help you?

245 Immigration law benefits foreigners who already have US-born sons or daughters, and people whose marriage to an American gives them the legal opportunity to apply for residency. This law helps them obtain permanent residence in the United States without having to wait several years.

In any case, 240 immigration applications are difficult to obtain for undocumented foreigners who do not have children born in the North American country. For this reason, i 245 immigration law is good news for those who want to legalize their situation in the United States.

Does this law allow you to be legally in the United States?

Only when you have obtained your green card (adjustment of status). When obtaining your residence card or Green Card through employment for example, this is a process that generally consists of three steps: the first step is to request a labor certification through the ETA 750 form, the second step is to apply for a visa from immigrant with the I-140 form and finally, request his green card through the I-485 form. This last step is also known as adjustment of status and by which you will be able to remain legally in the United States.

Does this law help you if you have been living in the United States without permission from the immigration service?

Yes, this law allows you to obtain a green card without leaving the United States. As indicated above, if you are currently living in the country illegally and decide to leave, you will have to wait ten years before re-entering. Law I 245 solves this problem.

Does law i 245 allow you to obtain a work permit?

Yes, I 245 immigration law helps undocumented aliens to obtain a work permit in order to legalize their status in the United States.

How can I apply for the i 245 immigration law?

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for i 245 immigration law on the USCIS website. Please note that not all foreigners qualify for this law, as it is designed to benefit families.

People whose entry to the United States was illegal or without authorization from the immigration service do not qualify to apply for the benefits of this law.

Is the i 245 added to the DACA program?

No, i 245 is not related to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) process because this is another way to legally stay in the United States if you have a son or daughter born in the United States and meet other criteria such as being under the age of 31 at the time of registration.

Why is this law important to the Hispanic community?

This law is important to the Hispanic community because it benefits foreigners who already have children born in the United States and people whose