Immigration lawyer in Ontario – Legal help for latino immigrants

What does an immigration attorney do?

An immigration lawyer in Ontario CA is primarily responsible for the design and legal management of the different services offered in the immigration sector. Also, this type of lawyer can advise employers and lawyers preparing legally binding documents.

10 types of cases handled by an immigration attorney

1. Permanent residence (Green Card)

It is the process by which an alien becomes a permanent resident of the United States. For this process, the applicant must meet a series of requirements such as: not having a criminal record, having a job or owning a business in the United States, among others.

The legal process consists of the lawyer investigating the case of his client to determine if he meets the requirements required by law. If the immigration attorney concludes that it is possible to obtain a permanent residence permit, it will be presented to the United States Department (USCIS) and your documents will be checked, corrected or completed by the attorneys until all the necessary scores are achieved.

2. Political asylum

Political asylum is a form of protection afforded by the US government to foreign nationals fleeing their country due to political persecution.

To obtain asylum, it is necessary to prove with documentary and testimonial evidence that you have been a victim of abuse or persecution in your country of origin based on political motivations.

This process can be quite complicated, since many scores are required to be approved, so it is advisable to have the support of an immigration lawyer in Ontario throughout the process.

3. Granting of visas

Visas are documents that authorize a person to enter and stay temporarily in the United States. There are different types of visa depending on the activity to be carried out in the US, such as tourism, studies, business, work or obtaining refuge.

The requirements to obtain a visa may vary depending on the type of visa that is requested, but in general it is required to present a valid passport, proof of financial solvency and an interview with the consular officer.

Once the visa is obtained, you can travel to the United States for temporary stays of up to 90 days.

4. Naturalization / citizenship

Naturalization is the process by which an alien becomes a United States citizen. To apply for naturalization, it is required to have been a permanent resident of the United States for at least five years, demonstrate good conduct and have an adequate knowledge of the English language.

This process is quite complicated and can take several years, so it is advisable to have the support of an immigration lawyer in Ontario.

5. Deportation

Deportation is the process by which an alien is forced to leave the United States and return to his or her country of origin. Deportation can be ordered for a variety of reasons, such as having committed a felony, not having a residence permit, or being in an irregular situation in the United States.

If you fear that you may be deported, it is important to enlist the support of an Ontario CA immigration attorney to defend your rights.