Immigration attorneys are attorneys who specialize in immigration law and work to assist individuals, communities, and institutions with immigration-related legal requirements. In this article, we’ll tell you more about immigration attorneys and how they can help you.

What is the job of an immigration attorney?

A lawyer for immigration procedures is in charge of helping people in all aspects related to immigration work. They address topics such as permanent or temporary residency, naturalization, non-immigrant visas, and more. They can also help you if you are facing deportation or removal from the country due to the bureaucratic process involved in obtaining a permit to legally live within the United States.

What types of procedures does an immigration lawyer cover?

These are some of the procedures that an immigration lawyer manages:

  1. Permanent Residence (Green Card): the immigration lawyer helps you to process and obtain a permanent residence (Green Card) through the Immigration and Nationality Law.
  2. Naturalization: attorneys are knowledgeable about the process to naturalize in the United States, which includes knowing about the exam that is required to take after you are eligible for naturalization.
  3. Non-immigrant visas: there are some visas such as the H-l Visa or J-l visa that foreign professionals can use to work in the country. Other visas such as attorney’s can be used by attorneys who want to offer their professional services to US citizens.
  4. Immigrant visas: immigrant visas are very important, as they allow you to enter the country and live legally for a specified period of time. For example, the F-l visa is for international or personal students with qualified need. H-l visa is for workers and O-l visa is for integral artists.
  5. Political Asylum: a lawyer can help you obtain political asylum if you have come from abroad and fear persecution in your country for religious, ethnic or gender reasons.
  6. Deportation: if you have been committing serious crimes around the world such as drug trafficking or terrorism, you could be subject to deportation by the American government. Whatever situation you experience, the immigration attorney will give you legitimate advice to address the problem and work on your behalf.

What is the legal process for an immigration lawyer like?

The first thing an immigration attorney will do is investigate your case and determine how you will address the problem. He will then address the case and advise you throughout the process. For some attorneys, their job ends when the necessary documents are filed with the court; however, for other lawyers they may accompany you until you have been notified of a certain judicial or administrative result in your immigration matter.

How to select the best immigration attorney for your case?

A competent immigration attorney will always take your case seriously and work hard to obtain favorable results. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience in immigration law, so we know well the legal procedures, as well as the federal courts where immigration-related cases are processed.

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