New laws in California:
What topics do they cover?

The new laws in California are a very interesting topic of conversation as legislative changes will change the political and economic landscape. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the new laws and the issues they address.

Currently, new laws have been enacted in California that could affect the economy and politics, mainly when it comes to immigration issues. In summary, these new laws and immigration policy will cover the following topics:

– New restrictions for companies that hire foreign workers.

– New requirements for foreign workers who wish to obtain a residence visa.

– New criminal laws in the case of undocumented or unauthorized immigration.

New laws for the labor market

Laws in California against companies that hire foreign workers will change the way immigrants are treated. Before, the permit system for unauthorized workers was based on a quota, meaning that each company could hire as many workers as possible; however, the permit system has been based on supply and demand since mid-2000; This meant that companies had to demonstrate a desire to hire these workers and not simply because they could. Again, if you are a company that uses foreign labor illegally, your actions will have consequences.

In the case of resident visas, a simplified program called New Immigration Vision (NVI) will be developed. This means that most of the paperwork will be done with the National Department of Security, a federal agency. New requirements for foreign workers who wish to obtain an NVI will include:

– Greater number of legal documents.

– New requirements regarding verification and authentication of employment history.

– New rules for unauthorized workers already in the country, new labor rights and obligations; as well as new general guidelines on how to handle the situation and, finally, new criminal laws in the case of undocumented or unauthorized immigration.

The central issue in the debate over the new laws in California is whether to prohibit illegal or unauthorized foreign workers from working. The idea is that companies that hire illegal people, but also illegal or undocumented aliens, are punished when they commit a common crime in the State of California. For example, if an unauthorized worker already in the country commits fraud or identity theft to obtain their VIN, they would be affected by the new laws.

New laws and the issues they address


Under the new laws, employers, teachers and co-workers will have the right to request a gun violence restraining order. Starting in September 2021, people will no longer leave gun seizures only to families and the police.

This could be extended annually for up to five more years. Only Californians 21 and older will be able to purchase a semi-automatic rifle, but starting this year, they will be limited to purchasing one of the rifles per month. People who were banned from owning guns in other states in the country will no longer be able to legally possess them in California.

Medical care

These new laws establish that state health officials will have the opportunity to create a new standardized form. These must be filled out for parents who want a medical exemption from vaccines for children. Doctors will need to use these forms and parents will submit existing exemptions to the state in 2021. Doctors who have more than five or more written exemptions after January 1, 2021, will see the actions subject to state review.


School districts will have a greater right to create new charter schools in communities and new teachers in schools will need to have the same credentials as those in traditional public schools.

All students through fifth grade may not be suspended for disrupting school activities or willful defiance. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students will also be protected from suspensions for the next five years.

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