How to obtain the visa for mexicans?

The first step that must be taken is to go to the American Consulate closest to your home to obtain the form called DS-160. This must be filled out correctly and then the application printed, which implies payment by visa (this has surcharges).

The next step is to approach the consul to do a personal interview where the questions from the previous form will be shown; These are basically information about your family, your work or academic ties with Mexico and other relevant personal data. Once this part of the process is finished, the consul will analyze your answers and decide whether or not to grant the US visa.

How long does this whole process take?

It depends on several factors; however, it can take about 20-30 minutes to complete these steps.

In case your request is approved (it will be around 90%), then you will have up to 30 calendar days before its expiration to travel to the United States. Otherwise, you can always apply for an emergency visa to travel to the neighboring country.

What types of US visas can be processed in Mexico?

There are different types of US visa that you can process in Mexico depending on the purpose of your trip. The main ones are: Visitor visa (B-type), Transit visa (C-type), Business visa (E-type) and Tourist visa (F-type).

How much does it cost to process a US visa for Mexico?

It depends on the visa that is requested, but on average the cost is $ US160.00 or $ 3,334.45 MXN.

Requirements for visa for mexicans

To obtain a US visa, the interested party must present the following documentation:

– Photocopy of valid and complete passport

– Recent photograph (from the front and without glasses)

– Photocopy of the DS 160 form

– International Medical Certificate (IMMEX)

– Bank movements (last three months)

– Invitation letter, if applicable

– Roundtrip air ticket

– Travel insurance (valid in the United States)

What is the process to process the tourist visa?

The tourist visa process consists of filling out the DS-160 form, then you must go to the appointment assigned by the American Consulate and conduct a personal interview. Once this part of the process is finished, they will analyze your answers and decide whether or not to grant the American visa.

What does the interview consist of?

The interview is about a short talk where the consul will ask you about your trip and your motivating intentions. In some cases, the presentation of the passport and previous visa (not necessary for B or C visa) may be included.

The interview can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a maximum of 45; In the event that it is rejected, you will be given a period to answer the consul’s questions and return to the matter. In this case, it will take another 15-20 minutes.

Renew a visa for mexicans

If your US visa is less than six months old, you can renew it in Mexico without having to go to the United States. The process is simple and you should only go to the American Consulate closest to your home with the following documentation:

– Valid passport

– Photocopy of previous passport (with visas)

– Two recent photos (from the front and without glasses)

– Proof of financial solvency

– Proof of stay in Mexico (hotel, rent, valid Mexican visa)

Why should you hire an attorney?

The process for a U.S. visa in Mexico can be a bit complicated, so hiring an immigration attorney will help you be successful when applying. He will be able to advise you on all the necessary requirements, guide you during the process and represent you before consular authorities.

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