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Each country has its own laws for migrants who have arrived in their lands, within these laws, there are several options for these migrants to stay in the country they have chosen to settle. Any procedure that you want to do is good that you can first get advice, and our political asylum lawyer is the person who is prepared to support anyone who needs to initiate a legal process. 

When an immigrant arrives to the United States seeking refuge, he/she can apply for this status that allows him/her to settle in the country, as any legal process, there are certain complications and requirements that, without knowledge, an immigrant may not have the possibility of being able to access this. That is why it is necessary to be able to access the support of our political asylum lawyer, and this time we will talk about this issue as clearly as possible. Keep reading!

What is political asylum?  

Political asylum is basically the option for those who have been persecuted or abused in their country of origin, and seek refuge elsewhere. There are countries whose political and security situation is difficult, crimes and lack of security in these countries have affected thousands of people, this violation of fundamental rights is what has made many countries create protection policies for those who are often forced to leave their home countries to seek refuge elsewhere. 

Who can apply for political asylum and seek a political asylum lawyer?

Anyone who feels threatened in their home country for religious, political, ethnic, etc. Reasons. Although times have changed, and there are many things that have improved considerably, you can still find many places where people are persecuted, mistreated or violated because of their beliefs, political or religious orientation, these reasons undoubtedly make many must be forced to leave everything behind to find a safe place for them.

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Here are 5 things you should know about a political asylum lawyer

A political asylum lawyer specializes in helping those who have had to flee their country for reasons such as religious, racial or political persecution. It is important to mention that in order to apply for asylum in the United States, you must be a foreign national and outside your country. If possible, seek the support of our political asylum lawyer to advise and guide you from the beginning. Schedule a consultation with our political asylum lawyer!

Who can apply for and seek a political asylum lawyer?

Anyone who has suffered persecution in his or her home country for reasons of religion, race, or political beliefs may file an asylum claim. The United States, like many countries, offers protection for those who are persecuted or in danger in their own home countries. Any of these reasons is reason enough to seek safety and refuge in another country, so if you have been suffering from any of the above reasons, do not hesitate to seek help of our political asylum lawyer!

The requirements to apply to a political asylum lawyer

In addition to the persecution mentioned above, you also have to prove that you are in danger if you return to your country, or you would not receive help from the government. It is also necessary to present evidence of the reasons for which you were persecuted, and that these reasons are recognized in the United States as grounds for asylum. 

For this it is important that you can find out in advance what are the requirements and causes and thus be able to have the necessary documentation before making the request, you could also contact a lawyer for political asylum, which will give you all the information and help you with the process. Remember the importance of having proof of these reasons, this will make the process easier for our political asylum lawyer.

What proof do I need to present to the lawyer to request asylum in the United States?

It is important that you can prove your identity and the reason you are seeking asylum. Documents, letters or testimonies from friends or family members are some evidence that may be helpful in your case. 

If you have the opportunity to present a legal document from your country of origin where it talks about your situation, this may be useful, in some countries there are legal documents that talk about the situation, in cases where you are not clear about the evidence that may be useful, it is important that you can contact our political asylum lawyer to can advise you and can also help you gather the necessary evidence for your application to be accepted.

Where can you apply for political asylum?

You can apply at a port of entry such as an airport or border, or you can apply if you are already inside the country. Subsequently, contact our political asylum lawyer to be able to support you throughout the legal process. Remember that you are not alone, we are here to support you in everything you need.

How much does a political asylum lawyer charge for a case in the United States?

Our attorneys have different rates and fees, but on average you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000. Each has different costs, but if you can afford a good lawyer, you will increase your chances of getting political asylum status.

Whatever the cost our lawyer may have, it will be a small cost for the huge advance you would have if you receive the status. Our lawyer can give you not only the outcome of the status, but also to open other doors and other areas of your life in the United States. Call today and get your first consultation!

What exactly does an asylum attorney do?

Now, a political asylum lawyer is a person who has been prepared to help anyone who needs it in this type of case. Our asylum lawyers are experts in the successful handling of asylum cases, so you can be 100% sure that we will help you move your case forward.

Our political asylum lawyers can help you throughout the process, for example, compliance with each of the requirements both to request it and to maintain it later for a certain time and about the information you must say during the asylum interview.

How long does the asylum process take in the United States?

The time it takes to resolve an asylum case varies from weeks to several years. However, there are programs such as “priority appointments” for certain urgent situations that open the process faster. This is important to keep in mind, as our asylum lawyer can help you determine if you qualify for a priority appointment and expedite the process.

To qualify for a priority appointment, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an asylum case with plausible grounds.
  • Have been presented within 1 year of arrival in the country.
  • You must show that you have serious abuse in your home country and imminent risk if they return.
  • You must also show that you have a high level of cooperation and responsibility in your case.
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What else should I know?

Our political asylum lawyer is in charge of establishing whether you can request a scheduled appointment. Have a way to certify these requirements will allow our political asylum lawyer to assist you in this process as quickly as possible.

Remember, once again, that our asylum lawyer is the one who will tell you how to carry out the process. Also, everything it includes and the state it is in during the application period and also while it is in force.

What can I do if I am denied asylum in the United States?

If your case is denied, there is always the option to file an appeal or stop your deportation immediately. However, these steps are often difficult, and our asylum attorney can help you determine your options and how to proceed. Also, it is important to note that you can always resubmit your case in the future if there are changes or new evidence to support your asylum claim.

You can re-apply if there are changes in your situation or if there is new evidence to support your case, always seek the support of our political asylum lawyer who can guide you through the application and who is more knowledgeable about how to apply. It must make it be handled.

Although it is difficult to be denied asylum, you should always seek the support of our lawyer, who will be able to guide you through the application and who is more knowledgeable about how the application should be handled.

The importance of political asylum today

Getting a political asylum lawyer is always a good option for all the benefits you will get if you are granted political asylum. This is so, even if its price is high.

In a context in which immigration and applications to live and work abroad are growing every day, operating with greater security and full protection if you suffer all kinds of inconveniences will mean enjoying much happier experiences. Isn’t that what you long for to live in the United States or in another country? Contact our law firm today!

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United States, an ideal country for foreigners

The growth of immigration and inquiries to work abroad occurs at a time when persecution, economic crises and other problems that Latin countries suffer are increasing every day.

The United States is a country that offers good jobs and development opportunities. In addition to good living conditions and equality before the law. No citizen, regardless of the country they come from, can be discriminated against and suffer situations of violence, discrimination or injustice.

All of these reasons explain why there are so many inquiries with our political asylum lawyers to live and work in the United States for different periods of time. Also, that justifies why our political asylum lawyers receive more and more inquiries about it every day. In addition, good experiences make this country one of the best opportunities to live and work.

In this country, all foreigners who obtain political asylum will be able to work, develop and even receive training in many areas and activities; that is, it is not necessary to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or programmer.

Under equal conditions and with all the benefits that we tell you about, foreigners will find the best options for their personal development.

Comply with all the conditions, more than necessary

In any case, it is important to remind you that, in order to be a beneficiary of all this and enjoy day to day, you must meet all the requirements for political asylum. That is, to demonstrate that you are really in a position to request it as well as to receive it.

For this reason, we recommend that if you want to apply for asylum in the United States and you feel that you have the conditions, do not get excited and consult with our political asylum lawyers to make sure that you are really in a position to receive it.

Other factors influencing political asylum

Once you’ve started the asylum process, start finding out what you can do and what opportunities to take advantage of. These may also vary depending on the region where you will be staying (California, New York, Texas, Seattle, etc.) and the weeks or months you will be staying.

If you wish to apply for political asylum in the USA, please contact our immigration law firm as soon as possible for a consultation.

In the same way, if you want to know the differences between political asylum and refuge, we invite you to seek advice from an immigration lawyer who is an expert on the subject to help you clarify your doubts and move forward with your immigration case.

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