If you are Mexican and reside in California, United States, renewing your passport will not be a complicated task. In this article, you will find all the information to know how to renew your Mexican passport so that you can travel to Mexico or some other country.

Mexicans who are in California can renew their passport at the consulate located in the city of Los Angeles. The process is available to all nationals regardless of their immigration status.

This document is essential to travel outside of Mexico and to return to the country after being abroad. Therefore, if you lose your passport while traveling, you will need to apply for a new one at the consulate so that you can re-enter the country.

How to process the Mexican passport in California?

If you need to renew your passport but you are outside of California, you could go to any Mexican Consulate in the United States or the consulate general that is closest to where you live; however, the renewal will have an additional cost for the transfer and associated administrative expenses.

To process the Mexican passport, it is necessary to request an appointment at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles and on the day of the appointment, come with a document that proves your nationality:

– Birth certificate

– Certificate of Mexican nationality

– Declaration of nationality

– Letter of naturalization

– High security consular registration.

– Valid voting credential from the National Electoral Institute

It will also be necessary to pay a fee to renew the passport, this fee will be paid with cash, certified check or money orders.

In case you do not have the required documents, the Consulate will be able to tell you when to go to request them.

When will it be necessary to renew your Mexican passport?

Renewing a Mexican passport will be necessary if:

– The document has expired more than six months ago (in this case, the period is two years to renew it).

– If you lose your passport while in California and return to the country with the ticket that was issued to you by the airline. In this case, there are no associated costs to renew it; but it can only be done once no matter how old.

– If you lose your passport while you are out of the country.

– If you renewed your passport at the Consulate of Mexico and this document cannot be used to travel to another country because it has many stamps inside. In this situation, the renewal will have an additional cost because the stamps of the previous issuer will have to be removed.

How to process the Mexican passport for minors under 18 years of age?

To process this passport, it is necessary for the parents to accompany the minor to the nearest Mexican Consulate. In addition to paying the fee, they must present proof of identity and nationality documents, as well as the OP-7 authorization form, which must be signed by both parents.

How much does it cost to process a Mexican passport in California?

– One year (for consular protection or children under 3 years): $ 36 (742 MXN).

– From 3 years: 83 dollars (1,710 MXN).

– 6-year-olds: 113 dollars (2,327 MXN).

– 10 years old: 165 dollars (3,398 MXN).

If a passport issued in an emergency is required, it increases the cost of the procedure by 30 percent.

– One year (for consular protection or children under 3 years): 47 dollars (968 MXN).

– From 3 years: 108 dollars (2,225 MXN).

– 6 years old: 147 dollars (3,028 MXN).

– 10-year-olds: $ 214 (4,407 MXN).

Seniors and people with disabilities can request a 50 percent discount on the rate.

How to make an appointment at the Consulate of Mexico in California?

The most important cities in California are Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. To renew a Mexican passport, it is necessary to make a prior appointment to pay the costs of the procedure online from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) or by calling the number 01-800-004-2030. In addition, you can go directly without setting a schedule but it has to be in advance since there are many people who require it.

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