The obligations of a foreign citizen in the United States

Many foreigners living in the United States wonder what obligations they have when arriving in this country. The first step is the most important: filling out the citizenship application. Next, there are obligations that must be met to maintain residency or naturalize as a U.S. citizen.

Obligations of a foreign citizen in the United States

Here are some of the obligations that foreign citizens must fulfill within the United States:

– You cannot live in the country without a residence card or visa.

– They must comply with tax obligations, both federal and local.

– Foreigners working in the country must pay taxes on their salary and state tax obligations, as well as social security obligations to maintain basic benefits such as medical care or unemployment coverage.

– If there is a court order against them, you cannot enter the country without official permission from the Department of Justice. Otherwise, they will be immediately expelled to their respective countries of origin.

– If you become a permanent resident, you cannot leave the country for a period of five (5) to ten (10) years without authorization. They are forced to request permission if they wish to leave the territory for longer than that. These restrictions are part of the law to prevent foreigners from “going back and forth” to the country when they want to flee or hide; This regulation was implemented after 9/11 to combat terrorist threats and prevent terrorists from entering the United States illegally.

What consequences could a foreign citizen suffer if he does not fulfill his obligations?

The consequences of not complying with obligations can be serious, here are some:

– A foreigner living in the territory without any card or permit could have problems entering or leaving the country for a considerable period, and if he stays beyond what is allowed, he is likely to be fined and even sentenced to prison. In some cases the embassy of your country finds out; US authorities share information with their foreign counterparts when fraud is suspected.

– If a foreign citizen does not take charge of tax obligations, he may face tax sanctions and penalties if he later tries to enter the country; For example, the fine could be applied two (2) times: when you are discovered for the first time during the immigration inspection of the airport or border and later when you buy your ticket to travel again to the United States. In other cases, immigration authorities will force you to pay for a ticket that you never used.

– If the citizen does not take charge of state tax obligations, the local tax authorities could present him in court and force him to comply with the subpoena; If you don’t, you will have trouble leaving the country or entering the job market legally. Penalties include additional higher fines and taxes under the Unified State Tax Law.

– If the citizen does not attend compulsory classes on being a permanent resident, they will be denied residency or could lose it if they are already naturalized and have the right to it. The Naturalized Citizenship Act requires foreigners to comply with obligations during their stay in the United States before they can obtain nationality; therefore they must know what their obligations are to avoid unnecessary problems.

– If you do not pay federal tax obligations, the authorities may collect fines and penalize you in various ways; sometimes you will be required to provide information about your income to determine the correct amount. The tax is also a legal obligation in the United States: if foreign citizens miss the deadline to declare them, they are responsible for the legal consequences.

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