Types of humanitarian visa for the United States

If you are looking for a humanitarian visa for the United States, this article is for you. Here you will find all the information you need about the humanitarian visa process and the different options available.

What is a humanitarian visa?

A humanitarian visa is a visa granted to people who need special assistance due to emergency situations in the country. The humanitarian visa gives you the opportunity to apply for temporary or permanent protection in the United States.

There are two types of humanitarian visa: the temporary humanitarian visa and the permanent humanitarian visa. The temporary humanitarian visa is granted for a specified period, while the permanent humanitarian visa is granted for an indefinite period.

Who can apply for a humanitarian visa for the United States?

People who meet the following requirements: they need special assistance due to emergency situations, they do not have another valid visa that allows them to be legal in the US in their situation, and they are evaluated and approved by the American Committee for Refugees and Immigrants ( USCRI) can apply for a temporary or permanent humanitarian visa. They can also file the petition directly at the United States Consulate General, or contact an immigration attorney.

Types of humanitarian visa in the United States

U visa

This type of visa can be requested by people who have been victims of physical or mental abuse as a result of criminal activity, as well as people who have suffered abuse from a situation of labor or sexist exploitation.

TPS Visa

This visa is granted temporarily to protect the interested party against deportation to their country of origin if they find themselves in the middle of dangerous situations such as war or other humanitarian crises.

VAWA visa

The VAWA visa is granted to women who have been victims of domestic abuse or other family violence and who have children of the United States citizens, legal permanent residents with permission to work, or undocumented with the petitioner. This visa is named for the name of the Violence Against Women Act. The visa gives you temporary protection in the US, but does not grant you permanent residence.

T Visa

The T visa is a humanitarian visa granted to refugee children and people whose families have been separated by government forces in the civil conflict. The T visa can be applied for within the United States and 90 days are granted to present documentary evidence to the INS (Ufficio Immigrati Stranieri) before it expires.

This visa does not require a determination by the refugee admission committee, but very extreme situations such as torture or rape must be demonstrated.

E-C Visa

The E-C visa is a visa granted to victims of certain serious crimes, including crimes committed by gangs or complex criminal organizations and those perpetrated on a large scale against humanity. The visa allows the petitioner to work legally during the last year of his visa (although he cannot apply for permanent resident status).

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