USA visa lottery, how to participate?

What is the USA visa lottery?

It is an event that takes place annually and that aims to give the opportunity to all foreign citizens to apply for a Green Card or green card to visit the United States.

How to take part?

To participate, you must fill out the registration form that is available on the official lottery website. You have to take into account that only people over 18 years of age can participate. It is important that you read the rules carefully before filling out the form, as there are some restrictions.

What are the rules to participate?

When filling out the form, you must attach a copy of the passport and a passport-size photo. In addition, you must declare your intention to travel to the country and detail all the activities that you plan to do during your stay. It is very important that you meet the requirements and that your application is complete; because if not, it can be disqualified.

Besides this, there are other basic rules to participate in the USA visa lottery:

– Only one entry per person is allowed during each lottery. It is not possible to do several at the same time or do it with someone else.

– If you are under 18 years of age, you must have at least the consent of the responsible adult at home before carrying out this procedure.

– In the USA visa lottery there is no preferential treatment towards any citizen, therefore the only way to obtain the winning ticket is to comply with all the requirements in their entirety and participate within the period established on the dates indicated for the lottery annually .

When is the USA visa lottery?

The lottery is held every year on the first Monday of November.

What requirements must you meet to participate?

To participate, you need to fill out the form and meet all the requirements established by the United States immigration authorities. These requirements include: having a valid passport, not having been convicted of a felony, not having a criminal record, not being on the list of people sanctioned by the United States immigration authorities and meeting the age requirements.

Additional Information

It is important that you read the rules carefully before submitting your application to participate in the usa visa lottery. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the corresponding contest and you will lose the opportunity to travel to the United States.

This lottery is a unique opportunity for foreign citizens who wish to visit the country. If you meet all the requirements, do not hesitate to participate and have the opportunity to process your Green Card or green card. There are also several experts on these issues, immigration lawyer, who have experience in these cases, Superior Justice is one of them.

Why should you consult a lawyer?

It is important that those who wish to participate in this lottery seek the advice of a lawyer. In this way, they will have the opportunity to understand the process and know if they meet all the necessary requirements to be able to access said event. Contact our law firm through the following form:

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