Visa for entrepreneurs,
What options are there?

Having an entrepreneur visa is very important if you intend to invest abroad; However, do not forget that the options are varied and depend on the country you want to go to, as well as your business activity. Therefore, we are going to briefly analyze the types of visas available and what are their advantages.

E-Business Visa

Today in the United States there are excellent opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and business people. One of the best examples is the E-Business Visa, which offers a wide range of options for individuals and companies.

This type of visa is intended to promote the export and import of products and services, as part of economic development.

To obtain the E-Business Visa you must meet the following requirements: be of legal age, have a permanent residence in the country you want to move to the United States, have a company and suppliers established in the country, as well as be a business owner or at least own significant shares. In addition, it is requested to have the necessary documentation to prove the origin of the funds to be invested; have a detailed business plan and, as a specific requirement, have access to the internet.

The E-Business Visa offers the possibility of moving to the United States for a longer period, as well as the possibility of obtaining permanent permits.

E-Investor Visa

The E-Investor Visa is another example of the type of Visa for entrepreneurs.

It is a Visa that facilitates the entry and stay in the country for natural or legal persons, who invest at least 500 thousand dollars in shares of the capital stock of new businesses, or in financing agreements.

In addition, the E-Investor Visa allows permanence and independent work for investors who invest at least $ 100,000 as capital stock of the business, in financing contracts or commissions.

E-Trader Visa

A Visa for entrepreneurs is the E-Trader Visa, which is aimed at individuals and legal entities with businesses outside the country and allows traveling abroad for a year to the United States.

To apply for the E-Trader Visa, the following requirements must be met: be of legal age, have a permanent residence in the country where the company or legal person resides, that invests at least 500 thousand dollars in the purchase of shares of the capital stock or financing and have a detailed plan for the business to develop.

The E-Trader Visa offers the possibility to stay and work in the United States for a longer period, as well as to obtain permanent Visas.

Visas for entrepreneurs are very useful if you want to do business or invest abroad legally, but it is always good to know everything a country offers before deciding and have a well-structured business plan. At Sleepless Attorney, we have qualified lawyers who will help you move forward with your case and provide you with all the legal support you need to process your entrepreneur visa. Do not wait any longer and contact us through the following form:

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