What is an immigration parole and how can it benefit you?

This permit is a document that provides immigrants with the opportunity to work and study in the United States. The document includes labor, educational and civil rights for those who are in the country illegally. In this article, we will talk more about this document.

What is an immigration parole?

Immigration parole is a temporary stay in the United States granted for humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons. This permit is not a visa and, therefore, does not grant permanent residence in the United States; however, the beneficiary of the parole has the right to work and study in the country during their stay.

What benefits does the immigration parole provide?

The immigration parole provides civil and labor rights for the recipient. Thus, a person with an immigration parole has the right to:

– Work in any job you want.

– Choose your own employer.

– Obtain a driver’s license.

– Access higher education and vocational courses.

– Receive free medical care in public institutions.

The beneficiary of the parole is not exempt from immigration laws and can be deported if he commits a crime; however, you are protected from detention and arrest on immigration grounds for the duration of your parole.

This permit is an opportunity for immigrants to work and study in the United States without having to live in fear of being deported. In addition, the document grants civil and labor rights, which facilitates the social and economic integration of immigrants.

Who can request an immigration parole?

This document can be requested by anyone for himself or on behalf of another person. To do this, you will use Form I-131.

The applicant can be an individual or entity and does not have to be a US resident or related to the beneficiary. You will make the request using Form I-131 on behalf of a person who is outside the United States or for yourself.

How can I request an immigration parole?

-Fill out Form I-131 and include the filing fee payment.

-Complete a Form I-134 for each beneficiary.

-In case there is more than one sponsor, each sponsor must submit a Form I-134.

-It must include detailed information and supporting documentation on the reasons for requesting immigration parole.

-If you are represented by an attorney or other authorized representative, you must submit the completed Form G-28 to USCIS for communication with them.

How long does a parole last?

Normally this document is issued for a period that does not exceed one year.

USCIS will specify the period necessary for it to fulfill the purpose of the permit as indicated in part 3 of Form I-131.

Why hire an experienced attorney?

Applying for this permit is not easy and has many details to fulfill. This is why most people hire an experienced immigration attorney to do it for them. Professional services allow you to:

– Make several requests at the same time, such as Form I-131 and / or I-192 if your case requires it.

– Make sure you follow every step necessary to obtain your permit correctly and submit it without errors.

– Reduce response time.

– Keep your personal data confidential and private.

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